11 Fruits and Veggies You May Be Better Off Buying Frozen

Frozen vegetables and fruits are washed, pre-cut, ready to use items with absolute convenience. As far as their nutritional benefits are concerned, freezing veggies and fruits at their peak season can actually be healthier than buying out-of-season productions. Make some free space in your freezer and fill it with few more bags of fruits and veggies, for healthy dose of nutrients, as beneficial as fresh ones.

1. Berries

One of the main reason of buying frozen vegetables and fruits is, they are usually seasonal or maybe needs to be imported from other countries. Berries takes time to get to us, so they are often picked in pre-ripe form so by the time they get to us, they are fully ripped. During all this process from ripping to their way to grocery store, they lose some of their nutrients.

Berry family contains a lot of nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and they include strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. All these berries could restraint more nutrients if you freeze them when they are out of season, to prevent them from losing their nutrients after being picked.

What Vitamins Do Blueberries Have

2. Carrots

We all buy big carrot bags with good intentions to use them later but as time passes and our days and nights rushes, we forget about them and find ourselves having already freezing dinners, by running them in microwave oven, instead of having those carrots. But how about freezing carrots? Seems a great idea.

Frozen carrots have high levels of antioxidants and beta carotenes locked in them and they are incredibly beneficial for healthy skin, improved vision, anti-aging properties and prevents cancer.

Carrot Nutrition Data

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