3 Everyday Tips for Immune Support

Eating a balanced diet is a key for staying healthy but nutritionists and scientists’ states that there is a specific diet strategy that aids in boosting immunity. Stronger immunity means having more power to fight with cold, flu and viral infections.

Just add following three things to your diet and see the difference in few days.

1. Fill Your Vitamin D Tank

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrient we need in our bodies. You can prevent health problems like common cold to cancer just by filling your body with enough vitamin D every day.

Human body absorbs vitamin D from sunlight and from certain foods like fatty fishes, cheese, egg yolks, orange juices and fortified milk. But sometimes people don’t manage to get enough of vitamin D so doctors has suggested supplements for them.

Vitamin D for Good Immune System

According to a study on clinical nutrition, taking vitamin D supplement can help you boost your immunity. People who take vitamin D supplements or eat diet full of vitamin D are 40% less likely to develop common cold and viral diseases as compared to those who have vitamin D deficiency. This nutrient boosts the immune cells and destroys the viruses and bacteria that make you sick. A human body needs at least 1000UI of vitamin D every day.

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