5 Delicious Things You Can Do To Utilize Overripe Bananas

Spotted, brown and spongy bananas that look ugly and non-delectable are secret ingredients for savoring and mouth-watering desserts and breakfasts. What’s the reason? It’s because as bananas overripe, naturally their starches change into sugars which can be substituted for extra sugar content in desserts such as muffins, ice creams, cookies and smoothies.

What’s more? The packed moisture in bananas lets you avoid extra fats and oils for flavor. Isn’t it an amazing treat? Awesome dessert for those on diet.

Fresh fruits definitely are part of healthy diets. If you find your fruit to be wilting like a flower, instead of wasting it, utilize it and give yourself a treat! There are 5 absolutely wonderful ways to use overripe bananas that we have listed down here.

1. Prepare Smoothies Similar To Milkshakes

Overripe bananas are really delicious ingredients for smoothies. The overripe banana smoothie will be a sweet and healthy delight with creamy and smooth texture.

What’s the best part? It doesn’t have added sugars and oils. PB & Banana Coffee Frappe will make a perfect beginning of your day. For better flavor, peel and slice your overripe bananas and freeze them in air-tight zipped up bags.

Banana Peanut Butter Healthy Smoothie

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