5 Things You Didn’t Know About This Cult Beauty Product

If you are someone from around the Nile River, you will already be familiar with miracle beauty product that came down as a heritage from African civilizations. In about 25 years, the brand’s milestone surprisingly made it’s mark for lovers of natural beauty and Nubian Heritage hit the markets globally.

The secret behind Nubian Heritage is a perfect amalgam of shea butter, oat kernels and palm ash. Functionally, the butter has moisturizing effects, oat kernels perform the exfoliating part and palm ash does the job of detoxifying along with giving darker inked shade to the soap. In combination, the mixture takes perfect care of your skin by cleansing, soothing and protecting it from break-outs. It’s a heritage with a mix of natural ingredients rather than some chemical stuffed product.

How to Use Shea Moisture African Black Soap

If you’ve been stocking and saving it for years, then learn few more tips about its miraculous effects on your skin.

You’ll definitely be unaware of these five amazing facts about Black Soap. Read on and you’ll love the product again.

1. Its formula has relation with cult traditions of Africa

Nubian Heritage came a lot later; the formula was employed in Harlem in 1992 as a homemade product for skin-care. Its origin is traced back to Nigerian Yorùbá tribe when women exchanged the recipe with Ghanaians during the trade of pepper among them. Hundreds of years have past but the original recipe of ose dúdú stood unchanged through time

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