7 Food Fixes For Thinning Hair

Your hair say volumes about your health, youthfulness and vitality, and what you eat directly reflects through the health of your hair. You see, a well-balanced and wholesome diet is essential in order to enrich your body with all the nutrients required to maintain healthy, lustrously shiny and thick hair.

If you’re experiencing hair problems such as dullness, scalp dryness, excessive hair breakage or hair thinning, consider it a direct indication that your body is lacking essential nutrients. We understand that it isn’t easy to deal with life when your hair begin to lose their natural beauty, but hey, if you want to fix that, you need to begin by changing your unhealthy diet with healthier and nutritious meals.

Solutions for Thinning Hair in Women

You see, the beauty of your hair is directly linked with the amount of nutrients you provide your body, and the only way to flaunt thicker, stronger and shinier hair is to reassess your diet, and add up all the essential nutrients.

Here, take a look at some powerful ingredients that can heal and restore your hair:

1. If you’re suffering from serious hair loss…

Eat: Beans

Research reveals that beans are a great remedy for preventing serious hair damage and hair loss. Watching your hair getting thin is not as scary as experiencing serious hair fall that leaves patches of your scalp naked, and this is usually caused due to a severe iron deficiency. When women are experiencing their menstrual cycle, they often tend to become iron deficient, and therefore, as soon as you spot serious hair thinning, get your iron levels examined. Once the doctor will examine your deficiency, you will be prescribed a correct dosage of the mineral.

Doctors recommend 18mg of daily iron intake for women below the age of 50, while women above the age of 50 should only consume 8mg iron a day. Beans are your richest source of iron, and you can add them to your daily diet with countless delicious recipes, like salads, sandwiches, casseroles, and much more. All you need is one cup of white beans for enriching your body with an 8mg dose of iron. But if you can’t even stomach the thought of eating beans, you can obtain iron from other foods, like oysters and clams.

What beans have the most protein

However, if your iron levels turn out to be normal, and you’re still experiencing severe hair fall, visit your dermatologist at once. Women often experience severe hair loss due to medical ailments such as thyroid dysfunction, or the female-pattern baldness.

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