7 Foods That Make Your Psoriasis Worse

Psoriasis is a skin plaque that results from overgrowth of skin cells and death of those upon the surface. The skin appears to be scaly, red and inflamed with additional itching in the area. Psoriasis occurs due to abnormal functioning of autoimmune system which controls the growth of skin cells.

Psoriasis is quite common as 3 % people are affected by it around the globe according to IFPA. Oral and topical lotions set aside that are recommended by doctors aren’t the only solution. A certain kind of change in lifestyle and diet is required if your psoriasis appears to be incurable to you. Besides avoiding stress and low temperatures, reconsider your food intake.

Not many researches till date have proved food to impacting diet of a person yet patients have observed a change after avoiding some types of foods. Ditch these 7 foods from your diet and you will feel a difference.

1. Ice-cream

Ice-cream, sugary foods and chocolaty treats need to be cut down as they are unhealthy. The healthier you will eat, the healthier you will stay. Healthy diet has been shown to control psoriasis in people.

Healthy Ice Cream Treats

1. Beer

According to a dermatologist of East Windsor in New Jersey, a study conducted on nurses’ health issues concluded with the observation that women who had beer were at greater risk of being infected with psoriasis. Other alcoholic drinks and beer basically widen the walls of blood vessel which can allow inflammation causing substances to pass to the skin region.

Psoriasis From Alcohol

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