8 Common Items That Remove Blood Stains

Removing blood stains can be an extremely hard task, particularly when they have ruined your precious Persian rugs, expensive sofa covers, and spotless white tablecloths. Expensive detergents and chemical infused washing powders can’t quite do the trick and you find yourself struggling to find the most effective trick to get rid of those awful blood stains.

Do not despair, for we have compiled some of the most common items stocked in your pantry, which can help you get rid of blood stains instantly and effectively. These household items won’t cost hundreds of dollars, and they’ll rescue your precious rugs, carpets and clothing items from those horrid blood stains.

Here, take a look at 8 most common household items that can be used to get rid of blood stains:

1. Ammonia

Ammonia is the most effective solution to get rid of perspiration, urine and blood stains from your clothes and fabrics. Just dab the spot with a strong ammonia solution, and soak it in water before you send it for laundering.

Blood out of sheets

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