8 Wonderful Things 1 Glass Of Wine A Day Can Do For You

Every one of us do something relaxing at the end of the day to reduce stress and anxiety, we all had been carrying all day. Some people watch TV, play some game, jog or hangout with pets but me? I just love a beautiful glass filled with wine.

I have always heard from elders that alcohol is not good for health and we might affect our health and will not get the enough nutrition from the food accompanied by wine. And I always wished that this could be not true. The bad alcohol facts are obviously not easy to accept for a person who knows that how much beneficial it is for deep conditioning your hair, cleaning your skin and to treat bruises and scars. If wine can aid in treating your external body in so many ways that how can it be so bad for internal health?

Best Red Wine to Drink for Health

When this question was asked to the doctors, they stated that a nice glass of wine can have numerous health and medical benefits. Yes, a glass of wine is beneficial for the body.

Though, like excess of everything is not good in any case, same goes with wine. Too much wine can destroy your health so moderation is the key to healthy life. So have a look at the 8 major benefits of 1 glass of wine a day:

1. It can help you lose weight

There was a study published in physiological journal that a glass of wine is equal to the exercise for an hour. This means it burns as many calories as one hour of moderate exercise burns. A special compound found in red wine, called resveratrol, which is associated with exercise performance and training.

Alcohol Abuse Weight Loss

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