Lowering Cholesterol: 16 Tips to Avoid Heart Disease

High cholesterol is a common problem these days. Mostly the old-age individuals are the victim of this health issue.

People with high cholesterol level are more likely to develop heart diseases. Even the young individuals are suffering from this problem due to their poor diet and lifestyle. In this article, I will share 17 best tips for lowering your cholesterol level.

1. Know Good and Bad

Cholesterol is needed in a small quantity by your body. Many individuals have excess quantity of bad cholesterol due to the over consumption of saturated fat. A plaque will be built in the arteries of heart due to high level of bad cholesterol.

A risk of heart disease is higher among the individuals who have bad cholesterol in excess quantity. Good cholesterol helps in clearing bad cholesterol from the blood.

Treating High Cholesterol

2. Change Your Lifestyle and Diet

You have to change your lifestyle and diet for lowering cholesterol. In this way, you can prevent cardiovascular disease.

What to take for a heart attack

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